Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort
Cambridge, Maryland


Monday August 22, 2016

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (time not confirmed)
Conference Registration
Delegates Instruction

Tuesday August 23, 2016

9:00 AM
Call To Order By State President Bob Fox

Presentation of Colors Honor Guard – The Cambridge, MD Police
Open Prayer State Chaplain Kevin Karcher
Opening of Convention Executive Vice President Bob Gries
Pledge of Allegiance Convention Delegates
Roll Call of Heroes State Chaplain Kevin Karcher
Bag Pipes (Amazing Grace) Dan Eames Lodge 12, Sean Lavin Lodge 140
Phil Mondato Lodge 59

Resolution for Dedication of the 34Th Biennial Convention
Roll Call of Officers Secretary Wayne Winkler
• Delegate Roll will be done Thursday during Elections

Keynote Speakers
Maryland State FOP President, I. Vincent Canales
Cambridge Police Department, Chief Daniel Dvorak
New Jersey Assemblyman, David Rible (30TH Legislative District)

Appointment of Convention Committees
By President Fox and Executive Vice President Gries
1. Credentials Committee
2. Audit Committee
3. Election Committee

First Report of the Credentials Committee
Resolutions Instructions
Reading of the Minutes of the Last Convention

Report of State Lodge Officers

1. President Bob Fox
2. Executive Vice President Bob Gries
3. Vice President James Stewart
4. Corresponding Secretary Wayne Winkler
5. Treasurer George Kline
6. Recording Secretary Jimmy Ford
7. Sgt. At Arms Ken Hawkins
8. Chaplain Kevin Karcher

Report of National Trustee Ron Bakley
Report of the Director of Membership Service Steve Szypulski
Report of General Counsel Tony Fusco
Report of the Labor Counsel Steve Richman

Committee Reports
1. Awards Committee Kevin Karcher
2. By-Laws Committee Gerry Traynor
3. Expansion/Labor Committee Ron Bakley
4. Legal/Financial Aid Committee George Kline
5. Solicitation Committee Kevin Vernon
6. Pension Committee Danny Schick
7. Sick & Vigil Committee Kevin Karcher
8. Bowman Committee Steve Szypulski

Recess For The Day

Wednesday August 24, 2016


Second Report of the Credentials Committee

Nomination of State Officers
1. President 5. Treasuer
2. Executive Vice President 6. Recording Secretary
3. Vice President 7. Sgt. At Arms
4. Corresponding Secretary 8. Chaplain
• At close of nominations each candidate may address the delegation.

Convention Site Presentations
Sheraton Resort, New Orleans
Bally’s Casino Resort, Atlantic City

Committee Reports (Continued)
9. Legislative Committee Pete Guzzo & Rick Whalen
10. Tactical North Committee Ken Hawkins
11. Tactical Central Committee Bob Gries
12. Tactical South Committee John Williamson
13. Ways & Means Committee Kevin Karcher
14. PERC Committee Ken Hawkins
15. Education & Training Committee Jim Ford
16. Compliance Committee Wayne Winkler
17. Scholarship Committee Wayne Winkler
18.Election Committee Jim Sharrock

Recess For The Day
Thursday August 25, 2016


Report of The Labor Council – Jon Misskerg
Report of the Police Training Commission – Jim Sharrock
Report of Deborah Heart Foundation FOP Chapter – Kevin Karcher
Report from The Grand Lodge National Secretary Pat Yoes

Communications – Secretary Wayne Winkler

Unfinished Business
Good of The Order

Final Report of the Credentials Committee – Wayne Winkler
Roll Call of Delegates – Wayne Winkler
Instructions of the Election Committee
Election of the NJ State FOP Executive Board
Final Report of the Election Committee
Installation of State Officers

Recess For The Day
Friday August 26, 2016


Closing Remarks: State President
Closing Prayer: State Chaplain